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Cartoonist Lynn Johnston said, “An apology is the superglue of life.  It can repair just about anything.” Construction projects rarely go 100 percent as planned. As contractors and builders, a well-timed mea culpa can keep client relations moving in the right direction. … (read more)

We’re getting older. According to the Population Resource Center, about one in eight Americans are age 65 or older right now. By 2030 that number will be one in five. As Americans age, builders need to incorporate accessibility and universal design elements that will allow homeowners  to remain in their homes longer and with more comfort and ease. … (read more)

Homebuyers have the luxury of being choosy in today’s housing market. As a seller, it’s important that you not give them any reason to not absolutely love your home. … (read more)

The EPA’s lead paint rule is in the news again. The Environmental Agency is having problems meeting standards they set for themselves when the final Lead: Renovation, Repair and Remodeling (RRP) rule was put into place. … (read more)

The U.S. Green Building Council recently announced the launch of a pilot credit for LEED certified building products. The credit allows projects to obtain LEED points if at least 10 percent of the non-structural products meet specific green building certifications. … (read more)

When I was a kid, I had to do a science project where I put ice cubes on different colored pieces of paper to see how fast the ice melted. Spoiler alert: the darker the paper, the faster the ice melted. So, it came as no surprise to me when my brother asked me about painting his roof white during the 4th of July weekend. Cool roofs reflect heat and light away from your home and reduce your utility costs. … (read more)

Howdy, folks! It’s Sarah, your resident McCoy’s blogger here. A few weekends ago, the air conditioner in my home went out. It was an older unit and the motor burned out from straining against triple-digit daytime temps and nighttime temperatures into the high 80s. To try and catch a little shut-eye, I had to sleep snuggled up to a few frozen bottles of water, cradling a desktop fan in my arms. I was never so happy than when my unit got fixed and I could crank the air up to maximum cooling. But my experience reminds me that while we’re trying to beat the heat, our A/C units and energy supplies are being pushed to their limits. The following product caught my eye because it claims to reduce the energy strain of industrial air conditioning units and it works with the cooling power of ice. … (read more)

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the offer of a conditional commitment to provide a partial guarantee for a $1.4 billion loan to support Project Amp.  This project will support the installation of solar panels on industrial buildings across the country, with the electricity generated from those panels contributing directly to the electrical grid … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 06/28/2011
Tags: Solar, Roofing, DOE

The Senior Editor of Fine Homebuilding Magazine recently took some video footage of the Bosch Tools showroom during a press junket for the tool line which includes innovators like Skil Power Tools and RotoZip Cutting Tools. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 06/21/2011
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Yesterday, Austin, Texas saw record high temperatures, and it looks like this summer’s heat just might redefine what a “scorcher” feels like. If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat and save on your energy bills, think about installing solar window film. … (read more)