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Are you thinking about tackling a bathroom remodeling project? That's one of those projects that are a headache to plan and execute but bring you so much enjoyment on the back end. But a bathroom remodel is one you need to give some extra consideration to in terms of safety. By thinking ahead, your bathroom could be more functional for you as the years go by. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 05/05/2009

As we have talked about before in our blog, there are all different shades of green out there when you are talking about environmentally-sound construction methods. Builders of all stripes are out there trying to do what they can to capture some of the current market demand for "green homes." But this subdivision in Austin, Texas is taking things up a notch. As they say, they are not only "talking the talk," but they're ready to "walk the walk." … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 04/29/2009

This post is mostly just for fun but, who knows, someone out there may have an application for this very unorthodox construction method. Building with sandbags has been around for a long time. The military for one has used sandbag construction methods to build fortifications in the field of battle. And we're all familiar with using sandbags as a way to keep the flood waters out of our homes and businesses. … (read more)

Don't you wish you had a crystal ball and could look into the future to see what's going to happen with the housing market in the next year or two? And of course, as the old saying goes, "all real estate is local." So what's likely to happen in your neck of the woods may not be what we'll be experiencing here in Central Texas. … (read more)

It sounds so cliche to talk about the importance of making sure you have a very strong foundation on which to build. But there's strong, and then there's even stronger. If you could, why wouldn't you do the research and build on the strongest foundation possible based on the type of home you're building? Nobody wants to look up and find cracks in the foundation. … (read more)

2009 will definitely be a scary time for many of us financially. What is going to happen to my 401(k)? What about the value of my home? As such, most of us are probably holding off on any major home improvements like a total kitchen or bath overhaul. … (read more)

Let's face it. We all make mistakes sometime. We're just human. But really, when it comes to one of the biggest investments you may ever make, let's keep the errors to a minimum. Whether you're the builder or the soon-to-be homeowner, you can never be too diligent during the construction of a new house. … (read more)

With all of the different "green" building standards and certifications out there, it can sometimes seem like a bunch of alphabet soup. It is tough to know what is what. To that end, the U.S. Green Building Council is trying to make it easier to understand the different levels of LEED certification. … (read more)

Ever notice that with the lights turned off at night some rooms in your house look like a NASA control center? Lots of pretty, blinking, flashing multicolor lights. Lights from phone chargers, the modem, the router, the computer, the cable box, etc., etc. Guess what? All those devices are using up kilowatts that you're paying for. … (read more)

Nowadays, who wouldn't want to buy a new house that is "green" and that will, over the long haul, save you money on monthly energy bills? But that comes with a price tag, right? So it's that age-old dilemma: do I bite the bullet and pay a little more now, knowing I'll save in the long run? Or do I economize, buy a less expensive home and just do the best I can to conserve energy? … (read more)