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It's not like it's time to hold your breath or anything, but this next post has some encouraging news concerning housing prices in the Central Texas area. Austin and San Antonio are in the top five cities nationally that are predicted to see home prices start to rebound the soonest.  … (read more)

Having faith in mankind is a very noble thing to do, just not when you're hiring a remodeler to work on your house. Not that there aren't a ton of honest, hard working tradesmen out there, but when it comes to someone working on your home you better do your homework. … (read more)

We keep hearing that the "green movement," as it pertains to the housing industry, is here to stay. We have witnessed a steady rise in the materials available. We are starting to see certification programs coming together with standardized guidelines. And the topic is alive and well in the mainstream media and the blogosphere. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 04/02/2009

Painting a room is one of those easy home improvement projects that even the novice do-it-yourselfer might decide to take on. Well with so much emphasis on going green and indoor air quality these days, folks considering a painting project should take into account how environmentally friendly the paint they are about to buy really is. … (read more)

  With the cost of just about everything going up and budgets getting tighter by the day, we're all looking to catch a break somewhere, somehow. Right about now, getting something for free that we normally have to pay for is sounding pretty good, right? … (read more)

  Sometimes when people think of "green" building images of poorly constructed, ramshackle structures come to mind. You know. Walls built out of straw and no indoor plumbing. Maybe some water collection tanks and a solar panel that doesn't adequately power the house. … (read more)

Home improvement projects, if done well, can do just what their name implies. That is, improve the value of your property. Most of the time, when we take on a home improvement project, we are giving some thought as to what that improvement is going to do for the value of the home should we ever decide to sell. … (read more)

Everyone knows how important it is to control sunlight coming into your house. Especially if you live here in Texas! But what about those beautiful days when the weather is pleasant enough outside to have the shades up so you can enjoy the view? It's a hassle going around yanking all those cords to pull the blinds up. Then what do you do with that big ol' pile of cord? … (read more)

  Chinese gypsum wallboard has been in several news articles recently. Apparently, from the news, there are serious issues with this product, particularly in the Florida market. Please be advised that McCoy's Building Supply has never bought, nor has any plans to buy, Chinese Gypsum. … (read more)

We are always looking for some kind of break on our taxes, right? They always seem to be going up, never down. Well did you know there are some home improvement projects that qualify for Federal Tax Credits if they meet energy-efficiency guidelines? … (read more)