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If you watch the news you would think that the sky is falling, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. Yes, the economy is in pretty bad shape. And 2009 will certainly be a year filled with much uncertainty. But as a home builder or perspective buyer, are you watching the leading indicators of a recovery? If you wait too long to react, you'll find yourself playing catchup. … (read more)

    With the economy as tough as it is, it's hard to convince some consumers that if you're buying a new home or considering a remodel, that it's worth the extra expense to go as green as you can afford to make sure you're using energy as efficiently as possible. Is it really going to pay off in the long run? … (read more)

When most of us think of Spring Cleaning we think of maybe getting in there and cleaning out that hall closet that is just a mess. Or maybe we decide it's time to clean the windows both inside and out. But did you know that Spring Cleaning done right could significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home? … (read more)

  Windows are one of the most expensive components in your new home. And replacing your existing windows, as you might expect, is also one of the most expensive remodeling projects you can take on. And did you know that your windows can be the most vulnerable part of your house when it comes to heat loss or gain? … (read more)

You've done your research and your planning, and you've selected your contractor. It's time to get started on that remodeling project. And you're excited about the fact that the project will be incorporating as many "green" elements as you can. … (read more)

The following is a press release from FEMA concerning disaster relief efforts in the Orange, Texas area. FEMA hazard mitigation specialists will be on hand at the Orange McCoy's Building Supply at 4514 Lutcher Dr. through March 12. … (read more)

The following is a press release from the National Association of Home Builders concerning government sponsored tax credits you may be eligible for when taking on certain green approved projects. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 02/25/2009

With warmer weather on the way, perhaps you've been thinking about adding a deck onto the back of your home. A deck is a great way to expand the living space of your home. It is typically one of the home improvement projects that has good resale value. … (read more)

    Doesn't it seem like we've been talking about solar energy for years, and yet in residential construction, you just don't see it much in practice. Well, with all the talk about the economy and the environment, maybe it's time to take another look if you're considering building or remodeling a home. … (read more)

Wouldn't it be great while you were on vacation to be able to periodically check in on your house and make sure everything is okay? What about being able to monitor the job site of a new home you're building at night or over the weekend when the site is vacant? … (read more)