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If you are researching building your own home or just plan to be "hands on" when working with your builder, asking the right questions about the proper grading of your lot before you pour the foundation could save you headaches in the long run. And hey, what kind of dirt work you'll have to do to the lot is something to be thinking about even when looking at land to build on. … (read more)

If you're thinking about building your own home or having a new home built by a contractor of your choice, one area that you should become more knowledgeable about is the building envelope. Designing the building envelope properly during construction can save you money on home energy costs in the long run. … (read more)

How important is it to you that your new home or remodeling project is a "certified green" job? With so many different definitions floating around out there of what building green really means, it makes sense to come to some agreed upon standards. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 02/13/2009

Don't you just hate when you Google something, take your precious time sifting through all the results, and then when you finally click through to a site find that there isn't any content there at all...just a list of more links that you then click to hopefully get the content you were looking for. … (read more)

When's the last time you've been up in the attic and checked out the condition of your HVAC duct work. I know; probably not real high on your priority list. Well, you might be shocked at the amount of air loss taking place if your home has a typical HVAC attic install job. … (read more)

The conventional wisdom has always been that when it comes to using hardwoods for flooring or molding in the bathroom that it's probably not a good idea. Why tempt fate? But in many of today's bathrooms, both in new construction and remodels, real wood is gaining in popularity. … (read more)

Posted by McCoy's Editorial Team on 02/09/2009

You've just completed your first model home. Life is good. You've shown the house a few times and you've had a couple of folks seem really interested. … (read more)

There are a ton of good, honest contractors, remodelers and home builders out there. We deal with plenty of them every day. But that doesn't mean as a consumer, that you should just blindly trust this person that is going to be involved in what could be one of the most expensive decisions you make in life. … (read more)

  We have all been there before. You just visited a friend's house and had them show off their wonderful new kitchen remodeling job. You are envious. The granite counter tops. The stainless steel appliances. And you think, how smart they are! They must have really improved the value of their home. … (read more)

This is a reoccurring topic that we are going to keep bringing up again and again. We can't stress enough how energy inefficient a typical garage can be. Most standard construction methods treat the garage space the same way, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you think about it. … (read more)