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Despite rains from Tropical Storm Hermine that recently flooded the Belton McCoy’s, damaged several hundred homes in 13 counties and killed eight in Texas, FEMA won’t give Texas a disaster declaration and the funds and assistance associated with that status. But that hasn’t stopped Texas volunteers from coming to the aid of their neighbors and fellow citizens. … (read more)

Calling a contractor to make a repair shouldn’t be a stressful experience. But as a homeowner, you don’t want to sound like your home is a foreign object to you. … (read more)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s energy bill will be a little smaller next month thanks to plans to install additional photovoltaic solar collectors and a solar hot water heater. This isn’t the first time that the White House has gone green. … (read more)

Building science isn’t just based on advanced products but also on how those products are used in relation to the whole house to create a healthier, happier living environment. Just like the angle of lot placement for a home, window placement can have a big impact on the feel of a room. … (read more)

Homebuyers could be getting larger loans with an Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM). EEM’s count monthly energy bill savings from a home’s energy efficiency features as additional income. And EEM’s can include an Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM), which allow borrowers to include the cost of energy-efficiency improvements to an existing home in the mortgage without increasing the down payment. … (read more)

The Energy Star program has gone through many iterations, but the latest phase of this energy efficiency guideline isn’t just about  adding a tankless water heater here or installing a low-flow toilet there. It takes a more holistic approach … (read more)

Cool product alert! Jeff Hamilton of Jeff Hamilton Construction in Nacogdoches, Texas recently tipped us off about Homesulate, a multi-purpose insulating foam. … (read more)

Forget keeping up with the Joneses. In a suburban community in southern Illinois, every home will have the latest in green technology, meeting LEED Platinum certification standards. Better yet, each of the 32 single-family homes in this community will rent for just $590 a month. … (read more)

The October 1 Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule enforcement deadline is just around the corner, and many repair and remodeling businesses are scrambling to meet the EPA’s mandatory certification requirements. Some remodelers are having such hard time adapting to the new rules that they’ve reported increased workplace stress. … (read more)

You know how it goes. You set a budget at the beginning of your build, but by the end a million tiny hidden costs have joined forces to upset your well-laid plans. In today’s economy, those tiny hidden costs can break a builder if you’re not careful. Builder magazine has compiled a list of the top 50 ways that builders waste money and kill their margin. … (read more)