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DIY Project Calculators & Glossary

Trying to decide how much siding you should buy? How much insulation will you actually need for you attic? Don’t just guess! McCoy’s has great tools for estimating your project materials, so you don’t waste time making extra trips for more supplies or spend your hard-earned money on materials you don’t need. At McCoy’s, we do everything we can to help you get in, get out, and get back to building.

The Words to Build By Glossary

AC BTU Calculator


Need a cool down? Use our AC calculator to determine the BTU strength of your next air conditioner.
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Interior/Exterior Paint Calculators


Ready to give your home a color refresh inside and out? Use our interior and exterior paint calculator so you know how much paint you need and avoid storing those bulky leftover cans.
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Siding Calculator


Adding siding to your house is a big job. You can make it easier by using our calculator to help you determine how many square feet of siding you need to get the job done.
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Grass Seed Calculator


Do you have a new lawn or our overseeding? Use our calculator below to determine how much grass seed you need for the best lawn in the neighborhood.
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Roofing Calculator


Do you need to add roofing shingles to your detached garage? Or maybe you are building a nice dog house for Rover. Use our calculator below to determine how many shingles you need for your small DIY project. We recommend contacting a professional roofer when adding to your home or other complicated roof structure.
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Picket Fencing Calculator


Building a new fence on your property can add character as well as security for your home. Use our calculator below to determine how many fence pickets you need to enhance your curb appeal.
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T-Post & Ranch Fencing Calculator


As any rancher knows, a good fence is vital in any operation, small or large. To avoid chasing those runaways, use this calculator to determine how many t-posts and how much wire you will need.
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Pavers Calculator


Ready to add a concrete paver patio? Use a quick calculation to get a rough estimate of how many pavers you will need for your project.
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Fertilizer Calculator


Fertilizer provides soil with crucial nutrients that promote plant growth. Determine how much fertilizer you need based on your desire nitrogen percentage.
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Mulch Calculator


Mulching your lawn or garden can add protection from temperature drops and weeds. Use our calculator below to help determine how much you will need to cover your lawn or garden.
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Concrete Calculator


Are you working on a small DIY project that requires a concrete slab? Use this calculator to determine the amount of dry mix you need. Note: We suggest you consult a professional if you need concrete for a building foundation.
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Insulation Calculator


If you have existing insulation and it’s in good shape (you just don’t have enough of it) there’s no need to remove it. Blow-in insulation can be added on top of existing insulation to get the R-value you desire. Use the calculator to determine how many bags of blow-in insulation you will need for your project.
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*We offer these calculators as a convenience to help estimate your project needs. Actual needs may differ based on other project-specific details.