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Customer Stories

Everyone Has a Unique Story

Jay Setchell, Texas Hill Country Cottages

Jay Setchell grew up on a large family farm in Illinois, where he learned the importance of teamwork and serving others. As a young adult, he joined the Marine Corps and served for many years before enduring injuries that led him to being medically discharged. Even after numerous surgeries, being in a coma and dying twice, Jay’s motto is “it’s always too soon to quit.” He has overcome his adversity and launched himself into success through many careers, including working for a large corporation and starting many of his own businesses. After building his own house, Jay discovered a passion for building thoughtfully customized homes that addressed all of his customers’ needs while providing them a high-quality home. Listen to Jay’s story below as he discusses his history and why he believes that “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Growing Up on A Farm and Learning About Community

Marine Corps and Overcoming Injuries

Making Progress and Visualizing Success

Working in a Corporate Environment and Starting Businesses

Texas Hill Country Cottages and Serving Customers

Final Remarks