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Save on DAP Caulks and Sealants

Seal Your House with DAP®

No matter what season it is, if your home is not properly sealed conditions outside can affect the temperature inside and cost you money. Keep the warm air in this fall by sealing your house’s gaps and cracks with DAP®.

DAP® has created specialty caulks and sealants to protect your home from the elements, helping you stop leaks in doors, windows, foundations, electrical fittings on walls and ceilings, pipework leading outside and ceiling-to-wall joints. So get sealing now with DAP® caulks and sealants at your local McCoy’s.

100% Silicone Caulk Clear

  • Offers long-lasting flexibility and adhesion
  • Provides a weatherproof, watertight seal
  • Resists cracking, crumbling & peeling
  • Interior/exterior use
  • 50 Year Durability Mfg’s Guarantee
  • Ideal use for windows, doors, siding, and more
  • 10.1 ounce
  • SKU 27034112

Roof Sealant Black Asphalt Based 10.1 Ounce

  • For both wet and dry applications
  • Ideal for repairing minor roof leaks and preventing penetration of air and moisture
  • Forms a durable, flexible, weather-resistant and water tight seal
  • Resists sagging and cracking
  • 10.1 ounce
  • SKU 27037023

3.0 All Purpose Caulk White

  • All-weather application
  • Can be exposed to water in 3 hours
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Paintable
  • Interior/exterior
  • Won’t crack or shrink
  • 9 ounce
  • SKU 2703725