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Glidden® Interior and Exterior Paints

Glidden® Interior and Exterior Paints

Discover Bold Color with Glidden® Paints.

Glidden Room VisualizerThinking of going bold? Ready to change your kitchen paint color from bland to brilliant? Or maybe you’ve always wanted a bright red front door. Have no fear, you can do it! A colorful coat of paint is a great way to give your place a whole new look without breaking the bank. Just make sure you pick an interior or exterior paint that’s known for its superior quality like Glidden®. Glidden® paints are low odor and low-VOC so they’re better for you, your family and the environment. Glidden® paint formulas offer great features, like durability and a mildew-resistant coating, which means you've got great options whatever your paint job.

Finding the Right Sheen for the Job

In simple terms, sheen refers to the glossiness of the paint finish. High gloss formulas will dry shiny and bold, probably not the best choice for a bedroom paint color that’s intended to be a relaxing oasis. And a soft delicate eggshell finish is likely to disappoint in a busy entryway that gets scuff marks from shoes on a daily basis. The section below defines the most common paint sheens and gives some suggestions of the best places to use them so you get the results you want from your paint job.

Glidden Flat or Matte Paint Sheen

  • Provides little to no shine
  • Hides minor wall imperfections
  • Best for low-traffic areas like dining rooms or guest bedrooms

Glidden Eggshell Paint Sheen

  • More scrubbable than a flat sheen
  • Can be wiped clean easily
  • Good for bedroom and living rooms

Glidden Satin Paint Sheen

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Less shine than semi-gloss
  • Works in almost any room

Glidden Semi-Gloss Paint Sheen

  • Offers maximum durability so it’s great for homes with kids and pets
  • Highlights wall imperfections more than lower sheens
  • Often used in high-moisture rooms like bathrooms

Glidden High-Gloss Paint Sheen

  • Highly reflective
  • Works well for showing off trim and moulding details
  • Great choice for doors and cabinets

Glidden Specialty Paint

  • Barn and fence paints are made for exterior wood surfaces and are perfect for barns, sheds and out buildings 
  • Ceiling paints are formulated to hide imperfection and be low-drip