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Great Ideas for Your Little Builder


If you’ve got a McCoy’s bucket, some wood scraps, and a kiddo or two, we’ve got a great way to spend the afternoon. Get your little builder working on a yard dice game. With a little guidance from you, they’ll be terrific at painting, sanding and – best of all – playing!

Yard Dice Game Plan


Materials List:

  • 1-4x4x8 Treated Post
  • Medium Grit Sand Paper
  • White Paint
  • Circular Saw
  • Saw Horse
  • 3 Paints in Assorted Colors
  • 2-inch Foam Paint Brush
  • 1-inch Round Foam Paint Brush


Step 1: Have an adult cut a 4X4 post into 5 cubes. Pro Tip: Treated 4X4 posts are actually 3.5” X 3.5”, so be sure to cut the length to match the height and width.

Step 2: Sand cubes to round edges and smooth surfaces.

Step 3: Use 2-inch paint brush to lightly paint each cube white. Let dry.

Step 4: Sand cubes lightly to create a distressed look.

Step 5: Use round paint brush to paint dots on dice. Let dry.

Step 6: Use sand paper to lightly distress dots.