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Western Red Cedar at McCoy's Building Supply

Western Red Cedar is Real Cedar

Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Though there are many imitators out there with similar names and second-rate qualities, beautiful Western Red Cedar is Real Cedar. It gives you a durable, versatile, sustainable wood that’s naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects, so anything you build with it will last longer and require less maintenance which makes it appealing to use for decks, pergolas and playsets. Plus, this sturdy, solid wood is surprisingly light, a bonus where carrying it onto your jobsite!

There’s just no substitute for the natural beauty of Real Cedar with its crisp, tonal properties. A Real Cedar deck added to the back of your house might push the style of your backyard from “blah and basic” to “destination relaxation”. Plus, it’s pitch and resin-free which makes it ideal for accepting a range of finishes from dark to light. Beautiful and easy-to-use, Western Red Cedar (Real Cedar) is the best building material for your next project!

Get Ready to Build

Western Red Cedar can be used in a variety of applications from siding to decking even as indoor paneling. For folks ready to tackle a DIY-project, Real Cedar is a great choice decks and playsets particularly because of its naturally-occurring thermal properties which keep the wood cooler to the touch. No small feat on a summer day in the McCoy’s States of America. Check out the building plans and videos below to get you started on your next project using Western Red Cedar.