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Composite Decking

Composite Decking

A Deck Built for Entertaining

Built for EntertainingA deck can take your backyard from being a hassle to maintain and turn it into a fun retreat for hosting barbeques and family get-togethers. With an abundance of styles and colors, you can use composite decking to completely customize your deck.

When it comes to composite decking, most materials must be special ordered to make sure you get exactly what you want. Contact your local store to find out what your composite decking options are and how to order them. They can help you choose your color, style and the amount of material you need.

Contact Your Local Store

Eco-Friendly Benefits

Composite wood decking is usually made from recycled materials like wood waste from furniture factories, plastic bags or milk jugs. So, when you build a composite deck, not only are you investing in an entertainment space that will last for years, you’re also helping to reduce waste! Plus, because of the materials it’s made of, most composite decking is able to be heated up and bent to get features like curved stairs or intricate design elements.

Composite Decking DurabilityIn It for the Long-Haul

Composite decks can last for decades. Since this decking is made of recycled materials and capped with a durable plastic shell, it doesn’t trap moisture, grow mold or attract insects. That means your overall maintenance decreases significantly. You don’t have to worry about rotted or warped wood, replacing random worn out boards, having an uneven deck or rusty old nails sticking out when the wood starts degrading. While composite wood decking is a larger up-front investment, the reduced maintenance means it’s more cost effective in the long run. Because of the way this decking is made, you don’t have to sand, stain, paint or reseal your deck. An occasional cleaning of soap and water will keep your deck in good shape. This means you can take all of the time you would’ve spent maintaining a wood deck, and use it enjoying your backyard!