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The Lumberyard

Need help deciding on the best lumber for your build? Here’s all the information you’ll need on what to choose and how to work with it.

T-Posts: Field Fencing Made Easy

Everything You Need to Know About OSB and Its Benefits


In the last 20 years, an increasingly popular building material option in the U.S. is “oriented strand board,” better known as OSB. But even though it’s now common to find it in a home’s materials list, many people are unaware of its exact benefits.
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T-Posts: Field Fencing Made Easy


T-post fencing is a practical option for your property to keep your fields, animals, and even garden safe. This fencing is an easy solution for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners as it is quick to install and cost-efficient.
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The Building Materials Market: Prices are Coming Down


After a year of ever-rising prices for lumber and other building materials, we can finally report that the costs of many building commodities are coming down, and supplies are expanding.
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Rebar 101: What You Need to Know


Concrete cracks are one of the most common problems in construction. It's an unavoidable issue everyone has to deal with due to the properties of concrete. Although you can't prevent concrete cracks from occurring...
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All About Fence Pickets


Building a new fence on your property can add character as well as security for your home, family, livestock, and pets. Among the many different types of fencing available, fence pickets are a popular option...
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Benefits of Western Red Cedar


Though there are many imitators out there with similar names and second-rate qualities, beautiful Western Red Cedar gives you durable, versatile, and sustainable wood. Let's break down the facts...
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McCoy's Doors & Millwork


McCoy’s Door and Millwork facilities can build the doors you need, whether it’s a single replacement entry door unit to increase curb appeal or all the interior and exterior doors for your entire home. Using state-of-the-art...
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Composite Decking


A deck can take your backyard from being a hassle to maintain and turn it into a fun retreat for hosting barbeques and family get-togethers. With an abundance of styles and colors, you can use...
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Pressure Treated Wood for Your Outdoor Projects


No single type of wood is perfect for every project. That's especially true when it comes to the materials you need for an outdoor build. Yet, even within this type there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.
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