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Fence Pickets at McCoy's

What You Need to Know About Fence Pickets

Building a new fence on your property can add character as well as security for your home, family, livestock, and pets. Among the many different types of fencing available, fence pickets are a popular option for residential property because of ease of installation, cost, safety for kids and pets, and enhancing curb appeal.

Types of Residential Fence


Split Rail FencingWhen deciding what type of fence to build for your home, you have several fencing options to choose from including picket, privacy, metal, chain link, and split rail.   

  • Privacy is usually solid paneling that can be taller than a typical home fence and is chosen specifically to shield your property from view.
  • Metal fencing is an option that offers a more industrial look than traditional wood fencing.
  • Chain link fencing is a less expensive option that combines functionality with transparency so you can enjoy the view.
  • Split rail fencing is unique because it requires less tools for building and is added for a rustic feel. These fences usually require more wood.

Spit Rail Fencing

The Fence Picket


Picket fencing is the most popular type of residential fencing because it offers the best of all worlds. They are decorative, add security for your family, and denote a clear boundary line between you and your neighbors. Fence pickets are the perfect choice for an attractive, secure perimeter around your property.  Plus, there is great versatility when it comes to designing picket fences.

You can place your fence pickets close together to create a solid fence. You can opt for a classic look, with a picket’s-width space between each picket to allow visibility and airflow. A more contemporary look can be achieved with staggered heights and spacing. Pickets placed in arches or scallops and hidden posts or exposed posts with or without caps all create a different look.

French Gothic Style

3 Fence Picket Styles


There are three common fence picket styles based on the look of the top of the picket. Each type of fence board lends a different character to your fence.  

  • Dog-ear style mimics the look of a dog’s ear, with the top edges angled to the left and right with a flat top in between. Not only is this a classic neighborhood look, but this style is the most cost-effective option, making it the most popular.
  • Gothic style creates a point to the top of the picket for a more dramatic look and feel.
  • French Gothic style includes a spear-like shape at the top of the picket.

French Gothic Style

Fence Picket Materials


In addition to the style of picket, there are also a variety of picket materials to choose from including wood, vinyl, and wrought iron. The most common is wood and the only fence picket material McCoy’s carries. Wood provides that classic look and feel for residential yards and McCoy’s sells imported cedartreated, and Western Red Cedar fence picket options. Our cedar options are naturally insect- and decay-resistant while our treated wood fence picket options protect against rot, fungal decay, and termites.

McCoy’s Has Everything You Need for Your Picket Fence


Here at McCoy’s, we have your fence picket needs covered with different styles including the ever-popular dog-ear and our cedar and treated wood material options that fit your vision for your home. We also carry 2 different height options at 6’ and 8’ giving you flexibility with your own design ideas, your HOA’s rules, and/or city ordinances.

Along with the fence pickets themselves, McCoy’s has related fence building tools and hardware such as wood and metal posts and caps, post hole diggers, bagged concrete including our own house brand and many options in functional and decorative hardware for gates. Stop by your local store or go online today!