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T-Posts: Field Fencing Made Easy

T-Posts: Field Fencing Made Easy

T-post fencing is a practical option for your property to keep your fields, animals, and even garden safe. This fencing is an easy solution for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners as it is quick to install and cost-efficient.

T-Posts are simple metal posts that have an anchor plate to keep the post secured under the ground. They are typically green in color with a reflective top with evenly spaced studs down the length to secure your wire. These posts range in height from 5-10 feet depending on your needs. Post placement is usually 6-8 feet apart with wood or reinforced corner posts to ensure wire tension is maintained. Installation only requires a post driver as the weight of the tool pushes the anchor plate into the ground without the need to measure height.

Types of Fencing Wire


There are many choices when it comes to wire to use with your T-posts. There are several factors to consider such as the type of livestock you may be containing, the predators you need to keep out, if it’s simply a boundary, or if it’s surrounding a garden, for example.

Fencing Wire

Fencing Wire

What Tools You’ll Need


After you have decided on the type of wire you will use, you will need some additional materials. McCoy's has everything you need to get the job done.



Fencing Wire



There are several other useful accessories for installing your fence.

Electric Fencing


Choosing an electric fence is a great option to deter animals from getting inside or escaping your fenced area. This option provides more protection as the entire length of the wire includes a deterrent with an electric current. You can choose to add an electric wire to your current fence or only include electric wire in your new fence. When opting for an electric fence, you will need some additional accessories:

Why Buy at McCoy’s


McCoy’s makes fence building easy as we are conveniently located near you with everything you need to install your fence. You can make it even easier by ordering online for full-service delivery on our trucks or pick up in our drive-through lumberyard. Stop by in store or online today!