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Rural Living

Farms and ranches — the backbone of rural life — created and nurture our nation. Find time-saving tips for this hard-working lifestyle and celebrate the love of the land with us.

Farm and Ranch Hacks

Everyday Farm and Ranch Hacks


McCoy’s states farmers and ranchers are ingenious, coming up with all sorts of creative ways to get things done with what they’ve got on hand. Here are some of the best hacks we’ve heard that make life on the range just a little bit easier.
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Priefert® Ranch and Rodeo Equipment


McCoy’s is committed to bringing our farm and ranch community high-quality products that will last for a lifetime, which is why we are proud to partner with Priefert® Ranch and Rodeo Equipment.
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Stay-Tuff® Fencing Products


Stay-Tuff® manufactures some of the toughest fence around with its cutting edge “fixed-knot” fencing for cattle, deer, horses and hogs. Stay-Tuff® fencing combines advanced technology with high quality...
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