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Bull Riding and Priefert with McCoy’s


Bull Riding and Priefert with McCoy's

McCoy’s is proud to sponsor three Professional Bull Riders, Cooper Davis, Kaique Pacheco, and Mason Taylor as they compete in tough events across the country. Hard work is a value McCoy’s and these bull riders understand is necessary to get the job done and to chase dreams. Another part of getting the job done is having the right equipment. That is why McCoy’s has Priefert equipment available for bull riders and ranchers alike.

It's About Values and Goals


It’s a family business for both Mason and Kaique who got their start in bull riding at a young age while watching their fathers and other family members compete. Mason has been a professional rider since 2017, while Kaique got his start at 12 years old in Brazil and became a PBR USA rider in 2014. Cooper also started young at age 13 and has been riding bulls ever since.

Regardless of how, when, or where they started, all three fell in love with the sport from their first ride and remain driven to do better each day.

Their love for the sport shows through their determination. Staying focused on their passion is key in reaching their goals: to beat the 8 seconds and be the best rider.

Riders in this sport are required to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. While that might not seem like a long time, it is an eternity when you are on a 1,000 lbs. bucking bull. Kaique mentioned beating the 8 seconds and making an excellent score is an “inexplicable feeling”.

With a career that includes thrills and traveling all over the country, values of hard work go hand in hand when balancing family life while being on the road. Mason explains that having a supportive family who “doesn’t mind looking after things and taking care of animals while you’re gone” is key for him.

The hardest part for Kaique is that most of his family is all the way in Brazil, “I think that is the price we have to pay to go perform our dreams.”

The riders agree that following your dreams while sticking to your personal values will help you along the way. “Not giving up and striving to do better” is a value Mason tries to live by and advised that aspiring bull riders “don’t give up and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it”.

Kaique explains that you must “follow your dreams and dedicate yourself to the fullest” if you choose to be a bull rider.

Hard work, dedication, and getting advice “only from guys that you want to model your riding style after” is Cooper’s advice to any aspiring bull riders out there.

Beyond 8 Seconds


McCoy’s has ranching in our blood, and you can find us organizing Mutton Bustin’ competitions and attending rodeos while manning displays of our farm and ranch products. With Cooper, Kaique, and Mason’s focus on hard work, it was only natural for them to seek sponsors who share their values.

Cooper is happy to have McCoy’s as one of his sponsor’s because “I feel like it is a company that I can relate to in my day-to-day life and a company that provides just about everything you could think of for ranch equipment and building supplies.” McCoy’s sponsorship helps Cooper “get up and down the road” and that knowing McCoy’s supports his lifestyle makes him want to do his best for his family.

Mason has McCoy’s as a sponsor “because I’m a cowboy and what better sponsor than someone that supports your lifestyle.”

“It means a lot to me to be able to represent an important brand, this is the recognition of my work, and I always work hard to be able to improve and represent McCoy’s well” Kaique said.

The Tools Needed


Along with grit, determination, a supportive family, and some sponsors along the way, bull riders need some equipment to help them do their job. A bull rope, spurs, a padded vest, gloves, chaps, and as Mason puts it “a really good helmet” are all necessary. Their ride might only be 8 seconds, but it is a dangerous ride because the other athlete out there with them has horns.

Bulls need the right equipment, too, both in PBR and on your ranch, such as gates, panels, and chutes that move the bulls through and ultimately to the last gate that starts the ride. The PBR uses Priefert Ranch and Rodeo Equipment for their arenas as they are approved rodeo equipment. Cooper says that on the ranch there is always need for t-posts, stock tank repairs, and feed. McCoy’s is proud to provide the farm and ranch community high-quality equipment for large and small operations alike.

From headgates, to stalls, to fences, McCoy’s is here to serve. Any questions about the right set up for your operation? Contact our Farm and Ranch Specialist, Cliff Mulanax, for advice.

Follow Along


The PBR World Finals are held over two weekends in Fort Worth, TX starting on Friday, May 13, 2022 to Sunday, May 15, 2022 and finishing up Thursday, May 19, 2022 through Sunday, May 22, 2022 for a total of eight rounds. The winner can earn a total of 1,272 points, but the rider with the most points throughout the season will win. Cooper is unfortunately out due to injury, but you can see and hear him in the announcer’s booth. Mason is currently ranked at number 13 with a total of 422.50 points. Kaique is ranked at number 3 with a total of 795 points, 89.48 points behind the leader. This year’s winner will get to wear their rank on their vest next season. Check back soon for updates.