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48" x 200' High-Tensile Horse Fence

by Stay-Tuff
SKU #:06049025
48" x 200' High-Tensile Horse Fence


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Product Information

Horse-Tuff is specially designed for horses, and looks good too. Hooves can't penetrate the tight 3" x 3" spacing on the bottom 18" of the fence, preventing expensive lower leg injuries. This 48" tall fencing does not scallop, and won't bend like conventional wire from horses "necking down" on the fence. Installed properly, Horse-Tuff will not stretch, and provides virtually 100% predator and dog protection.
  • For fencing headaches out of raising sheep, pasture and cross fencing
  • High-Tensile 12.5 gauge
  • Rated at 179,000 - 210,000 psi
  • Breaking strength is around 1,450 lbs
  • Top and bottom wire are a 12ga high-tensile with breaking strength 1500-1600lbs
  • 20 year written limited warranty
Important Information
  • Remember to wear gloves and protective eyewear when using this item. When installing the high tensile wire, about half of the tension bends should be stretched out.
More Info
  • 16 Horizontal line wires
  • 3" oc solid stay spacing
  • Class 3 (3 times more zinc than class 1) galvanized
  • Class 1 is given a standard of .28oz of zinc per square foot of wire
  • Class 3 is given a standard of .80oz of zinc per square foot of wire
  • 20 Years
This product has no specifications.