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Dryden 1-Hdl Lav Faucet W/Touch2O.Xt - Stainless Steel

Sku: 23601236
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Stainless Steel Finish:Delta Dryden

Delta Touch2O.XT Technology helps keep your bathroom clean by giving you three ways to operate your faucet: manually with the handle, with a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle, or by placing your hands near the faucet. The high-tech capacitance sensing capabilities of Touch2O.xt faucets allow the flow of water to be activated by breaking the capacitance field anywhere around the device, unlike traditional hands-free infrared sensors which require your hands be in a particular place and are sensitive to lighting conditions and clothing and skin color. Delta faucets with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology OFFER YEARS OF CONFIDENCE IN YOUR FAUCET'S PERFORMANCE.