Get Superior Fencing with Stay-Tuff

A good fence is a major investment in your property. While it's easy to see the advantages of fixed-knot fencing over old-fashioned hinge joint fencing (fixed knot can literally stand by itself), deciding between different brands of fixed-knot fencing means finding the right blend of fence quality and ease of installation.

Stay-Tuff fencing combines top-quality wire with superior wire-weaving technology. Stay-Tuff even takes it a step further to pre-strip the roll ends to save you time and money on installation. From start-to-finish, Stay-Tuff is 100% quality and 100% made in America.

Stay-Tuff never compromises on wire quality. Wire that does not meet their exacting standards for smoothness, quality of galvanized coating or high tensile strength is returned to the supplier.
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Featured Items:

Cattle-Tuff High-Tensile Fence

Specifically designed for livestock control, Cattle-Tuff is a 49" high product with a 12" vertical stay. It's typically used in a 660' roll and is stronger than the average “Bull” wire. Item# 06049012.

Hog-Tuff High Tensile Fence

Great for both domestic and feral hogs, Hog-Tuff knots won’t move or lose grip with pressure from stock, so hogs can’t “wallow” a hole in the fence fabric. Item# 06049015.

Horse-Tuff High Tensile Fence

Designed just for horses, hooves can't penetrate the tight 3" x 3" spacing on the bottom 18" of the fence, preventing expensive lower leg injuries. Item# 06049028.

Deer-Tuff High Tensile Fence

Deer bounce right off! For deer farming, deer exclusion or any deer management and control application, fixed-knot high-tensile wire deer fencing is the right choice. Item# 06049045.