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AdvanTech® Flooring and Adhesive

AdvanTech® Flooring and Adhesive

Say Goodbye to Floor Squeaks.

AdvanTech Subfloor Panel

You bring your A-game to every aspect of the build, and when it comes to subfloor products, we do the same. Proven on the jobsite for over 20 years, AdvanTech products are the FLAT OUT BEST™ for a quiet, stiff floor, and when used in combination, AdvanTech subflooring and AdvanTech subfloor adhesive provide an assembly so strong, you won’t hear a squeak – guaranteed¹. It’s the brand builders trust and homeowners depend on for squeak-free floors, and it’s been ranked #1 in quality every year for more than a decade. AdvanTech Subflooring is part of the Huber Engineered Woods family of products which includes the innovative ZIP System sheathing and tape. Huber Engineered Woods’ primary goal is to provide cutting-edge advances to products in a way that makes customers ask for them by name.

Performance You Can Rely On:

  • Industry leading strength & stiffness
  • Superior water resistance
  • Absolutely impervious to rain
  • No edge swelling, no warping, no flaking
  • Advanced moisture resistant resin technology
  • Patented fastening guide for easier installation

Huber AdvanTech is available in stock in select stores, with a 2-week availability in all stores. Now through December 31, 2020, builders who purchase AdvanTech for the first time can receive a rebate for $5 off select panels.

Get AdvanTech Rebate

Squeak Free Floors with Advantech Subflooring
Moisture Resistant Advantech Subflooring
Superior Strength Advantech Subflooring


¹ Limitations and restrictions apply. Guarantee for panel-to-joist connection on an AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly. See for details. © 2020 Huber Engineered Woods LLC. AdvanTech and AdvanTech logos and designs are trademarks of Huber Engineered Woods.