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AdvanTech® Flooring and Adhesive

AdvanTech® Flooring and Adhesive

Say Goodbye to Floor Squeaks.

AdvanTech Subfloor Panel

You bring your A-game to every aspect of the build, and when it comes to subfloor products, we do the same. Proven on the jobsite for over 20 years, AdvanTech® products are the FLAT OUT BEST™ for a quiet, stiff floor, and when used in combination, AdvanTech® subflooring and AdvanTech® subfloor adhesive provide an assembly so strong, you won’t hear a squeak – guaranteed¹. It’s the brand builders trust and homeowners depend on for squeak-free floors, and it’s been ranked #1 in quality every year for more than a decade. AdvanTech® Subflooring is part of the Huber Engineered Woods family of products which includes the innovative ZIP System® sheathing and tape. Huber Engineered Woods’ primary goal is to provide cutting-edge advances to products in a way that makes customers ask for them by name.

Performance You Can Rely On:

  • Industry leading strength & stiffness
  • Superior water resistance
  • Absolutely impervious to rain
  • No edge swelling, no warping, no flaking
  • Advanced moisture resistant resin technology
  • Patented fastening guide for easier installation

Huber AdvanTech® is available in stock in select stores, with a 2-week availability in all stores. Now through December 31, 2020, builders who purchase AdvanTech® for the first time can receive a rebate for $5 off select panels.

Get AdvanTech® Rebate

Squeak Free Floors with Advantech Subflooring
Moisture Resistant Advantech Subflooring
Superior Strength Advantech Subflooring


¹ Limitations and restrictions apply. Guarantee for panel-to-joist connection on an AdvanTech™ Subfloor Assembly. See for details. © 2020 Huber Engineered Woods LLC. AdvanTech and AdvanTech logos and designs are trademarks of Huber Engineered Woods.