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Make DIY Project Planning Easy

As the new year approaches, we start to plan our DIY lists with projects for a spruced-up home. With everything you want to accomplish, knowing how to plan your DIY projects will set you up for success and bring your ideas to life. Whether you plan to spend that end-of-year bonus check on a big upgrade or finally get to those small upkeep tasks you’ve been putting off, follow these helpful tips when planning your next DIY project.


4 Tips for Planning a DIY Project


  1. Start by making a list and categorizing your projects. Make a list of all the projects that need to get done and the ones you’d like to do. Then, separate your projects into big and small tasks by looking at the amount of time they will take, the number of materials needed, how urgent the project is, and the manpower required to get the job done. This will help you decide what projects you can start right away and what projects will take more time to plan.
  2. Set a rough budget and price your materials. As any DIYer will tell you, it is very easy to spend more than originally planned, however having a solid understanding of what the costs will be plus a little extra can help you either decide which project to tackle first or help you save for your next big idea.
  3. Know the rules for your project. If you are getting ready for a big project, like adding a new picket fence to your property, research your local building code regulations or HOA rules before beginning to avoid fines or project delays.
  4. Create a timeline. Sometimes big projects require a solid deadline to not disrupt family life, however timelines for smaller projects can be just as important to ensure all the correct steps have happened in order.

McCoy's Makes Project Planning Easy


McCoy’s makes it easy to plan, budget, and gather the materials you need to ensure your project goes smoothly. Start planning from the comfort of your home with a My McCoy’s account. Our Project List option allows you to keep a separate list for each of your projects and makes it easy to add materials to your cart when you are ready to purchase. You can share your project lists for the dreaded honey-do list or with others like your neighbor if you are building a fence together. This online option gives you the confidence and satisfaction of knowing all your projects are in one place and you’ve got a plan to tackle that to-do list.


Using My McCoy's Project List


  • Create a My McCoy's account if you don't already have one and navigate to "Project Lists " to keep all your projects in one place and to share with others.
  • Start a new project list by giving it a name and click “Create Project List” to keep different projects separate.
  • Easily add the items you need to a specific project list from the product page. Click the “Add to Cart” button to then select the project name you wish to add this item to.
  • If the item is not currently available at your store, you can still add it. Copy and paste the product SKU number directly in your product list to save for later.
  • From your project list, you can add items individually to your cart when you are ready to purchase, or you can add your entire list to your cart for checkout.

Check Those Items off Your List


McCoy’s has a plethora of project ideas you can chose from if you don’t already have a list of your own, such as giving your front door a fresh coat of paint or adding rustic charm to your home with a stock tank garden. Whatever your project, start the new year off right with easy project planning at McCoy’s Building Supply.