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Flood® Stains at McCoy's

Flood® Stains

Refresh and Protect Your Deck

Embrace the changing seasons by refreshing your deck or fence with Flood stains, and save a little money in the process with a coupon from McCoy’s! The wood care specialists at Flood have been creating unique formulas of specialty coatings since 1841 so you can trust their products to bring out the rich colors and natural grains of your wood. Their finishes, deck stains and additives are specifically designed to protect and beautify natural woods and other challenging surfaces.

Which Finish Fits?

Deciding which finish of stain to use is the first step in staining your deck. Do you want the lines of the wood grain to show through or are you looking to add more of a solid stain color? Are you staining a deck that has quite a bit of natural shade or does the sun beat down on it most hours of the day? All are things to consider when choosing a stain. Transparent finishes provide slight protection and allow wood to weather gray naturally. Semi-transparent stains add subtle color while still allowing some wood grain to show through but a solid color stain will provide a rich, opaque color and maximum protection.

Still not sure which one is right for your project? Flood’s handy, step-by-step guide can provide even more details and information to help you make your choice.