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Louisiana-Pacific® Building Products

Louisiana-Pacific® Building Products

Build with Someone You Trust

LP, or Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, began in 1973 with a goal to responsibly create a better structural panel out of a renewable natural resource. They’ve devoted over 40 years to their passion for wood strand technology and brought industry-changing products to market. McCoy’s Building Supply is proud to partner with a company like LP whose dedication to providing professionals with building solutions is obvious. LP WeatherLogic, LP SmartSide Trim and Siding and Legacy Sub-Flooring are available in-stock in select stores and with a 2-week availability in all stores. Plus, first time purchasers of LP SmartSide, LP WeatherLogic and LP Legacy may be eligible for a rebate!

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LP SmartSide

Treated with an exclusive LP SmartGuard process, LP SmartSide Trim and Siding is formulated with zinc borate, adhesive resins and water-resistant waxes. This means it’s engineered to withstand whatever nature throws at it. The ultra-durable LP SmartSide is available in either smooth or cedar textures. In fact, Louisiana-Pacific offers the ONLY smooth siding and trim in 16-foot lengths, resulting in faster installation and fewer seams. Both the smooth and textured versions of LP SmartSide are treated with SmartGuard which protects the product from termites and decay while allowing it to withstand humid coastal climates. Additionally, LP SmartSide brings impact resistance unmatched by vinyl or fiber cement siding, making it ideal for areas with wind or hail threats. In fact, it’s so tough it comes with a limited 50-year substrate warranty

In addition to its strength, LP SmartSide is also known for being easy to work with and producing beautiful results. Its unique strand size and orientation make it less prone to breakage when being handled, easing frustrations and waste on the job. LP SmartSide Smooth captures the beauty and charm of “real wood” without knots, cracking or splitting and is pre-primed for excellent paint adhesion while cedar textured siding gives homeowners the look of real cedar siding with less maintenance and game-changing strength.

Louisiana Pacific Durability
Louisiana Pacific Durability Beauty
Louisiana Pacific Durability Workability

LP WeatherLogic™ Air and Water Barrier

LP WeatherLogic panels and tape protect homes during construction and long after they’ve been completed. It does this by providing a premium water-resistive barrier system and safeguarding the house from water and air infiltration while allowing moisture to escape. It’s easy to install and can save potential labor costs for you and your team, just nail panels to exterior studs and seal with LP WeatherLogic seam and flashing tape! LP WeatherLogic is tested to perform well with the full line of LP engineered wood solutions and keep your jobsite cleaner and more professional-looking. By creating a tight building envelope, LP WeatherLogic engineered wood panels have an integrated, water-resistant overlay giving it a higher perm rating than most house wrap. This helps further prevent air leakage for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. LP WeatherLogic is backed by an outstanding 30-year limited warranty.

Louisiana Pacific Energy Saving
Louisiana Pacific Easy Install
Louisiana Pacific Water Protection

LP Legacy Subflooring

LP Legacy with Gorilla Glue Technology is a super-tough, durable, moisture-resistant sub-flooring ideal for applications under hardwood floors and tile. Using LP Legacy prevents frustrating callbacks about floor squeaks and bouncy floors. Because of its durability, LP Legacy is an excellent choice for large homes that may be exposed to the elements for long periods during construction. LP offers a unique Covered Until It’s Covered No-Sand Warranty on its LP Legacy sub-floor, as well as a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home. This subfloor is available in both 3/4" and 1 1/8" with tongue-and-groove profiles, allowing for ease of installation.

Louisiana Pacific Subflooring Gorilla Tough Panels
Louisiana Pacific Subflooring Covered Until It's Covered
Louisiana Pacific Subflooring Tested to the Extreme