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Seawall FAQ

Seawall FAQ

There are many factors to consider when designing a seawall or retaining wall for flood protection and erosion control. McCoy’s offers both flat and corrugated vinyl sheet piling which provide great strength and stability but result in distinctly different looks. Along with profile style, you will want to consider what color of piling will be most complementary to your property and which accessories will finish your design while acting as a structural element.

Rest assured knowing your seawall will last for years to come when you choose ShoreGuard.

Corrugated Vinyl Sheet Piling requires little to no maintenance and is backed by a 50 year manufacturer’s materials warranty. It is corrosion and UV resistant and features the I-Beam™ Lock, providing higher rigidity and strength at every seam. Even after the development of dozens of other products, the corrugated vinyl sheet piling remains the most popular profile for seawalls or retaining walls. ShoreGuard offers this product in both the Z-profile and Box panels. With panels up to 30” wide, the box profile reduces the number of drive episodes, creating a more efficient job. Corrugated retaining wall panels have been used in many settings including golf courses, airports, neighborhoods, and national monuments. It is the best-looking, longest-lasting seawall available…at the best price.

Flat Panel Vinyl Sheet Piling is the newest development in vinyl sheet pile technology. It provides an attractive, clean look while delivering the same performance and longevity of Corrugated Sheet Piling and is available in a range of profiles and colors. The shape of the Flat Panel provides stability and added stiffness during installation while its two foot wide panels make the installation process quicker and easier. The ShoreGuard Flat Panel is the only textured surface available in vinyl sheet piling integrating state-of-the-art XCR technology with advanced UV protection.

CMI’s ShoreGuard is available in thicknesses between .225 and .715 inches and comes in widths up to 30 inches. McCoy’s has several options available both in stock and through Special Order. Check out ShoreGuard’s Sheet Piling Overview to see complete sheet piling specs and profile options.

You’ll want to select a color that best blends with the feel of your home and its surrounding property. Dirt type and water color should be taken into consideration when choosing a color as lighter colored panels may be stained by dark dirt, such as red clay, and muddy waters. McCoy’s currently carries gray, brown and clay panels in stores but additional colors are available through Special Order.

McCoy’s carries a variety of accessories to complement your seawall while increasing its durability, including caps, tie-rods and wales. Marine grade treated timber is the most common and cost-effective material used for retaining wall wales and caps. CMI’s premium Armor Ware and TimberGuard seawall components are also available at McCoy’s, through Special Order.

TimberGuard is CMI’s line of wood pilings and lumber accessories encased in and protected by a polymer coating to offer a long-lasting, safe alternative to treated wood. TimberGuard can be found in both round timber piles and a variety of dimensional lumber. TimberGuard lumber and piles can be used in marine applications where conventional treated lumber is typically used such as caps, wales and structural piles for seawalls, and in piers and docks.

ArmorWare Wales offer maximum structural support for sheet piling structures by withstanding wave action and UV exposure and resisting corrosion. Since wales are typically the most exposed element in a marine environment, ArmorWare wales have been designed with unique shapes to provide the most support in comparison to traditional wale materials.

ArmorWare Rods are steel rods encased in a durable, high-density poly coating to add protection to the steel and are the longest lasting option for tie-rods. The poly coating protects the environment-exposed section of the ArmorWare rod against rust and corrosion.

Please contact your local McCoy’s store to receive a materials list and estimate for your seawall project.

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