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ShoreGuard® Vinyl Sheet Piling at McCoy's Building Supply

ShoreGuard® Vinyl Sheet Piling

Protect Your Shoreline with the Best

McCoy’s Building Supply can special order the supplies you need for creating or restoring a seawall or bulkhead to protect your property from flooding and to enhance its appearance. Order at your local store in Texas, Oklahoma, or New Mexico. CMI Limited Co. products have revolutionized the construction of retaining walls, bulkheads, and water control structures.

Please note we are unable to fulfill customer orders outside our service area.

The industry standard for more than 30 years, ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling offers a long-term, cost-effective solution for waterfront property owners looking to minimize the effects of erosion to their shoreline while adding an additional level of flood protection. CMI Limited Co.'s  Residential Waterfront Brochure highlights the long-term value of choosing customizable and sustainable ShoreGuard for your seawall or retaining wall.

Seawall FAQ 

Benefits of ShoreGuard

ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling contains no toxic coatings or preservatives, is corrosion-resistant, is impervious to marine worms and will not rust, rot or crack. Vinyl seawalls are also UV-resistant, meaning they will not be damaged by the sun or fade like wood and paint.

The pictures below were taken of an exposed seawall in Corpus Christi after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas Gulf Coast. This one had been built using ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheeting Piling and survived the storm. The hurricane pulled soil out from behind the wall exposing its components but the seawall remained structurally sound and intact.

Hurricane Harvey Damage 1
Hurricane Harvey Damage 2

Styles of ShoreGuard

ShoreGuard is available in both corrugated and flat panels and can be special ordered and customized to meet the specs of your job and the freshness of your timbers. These products come ina range of colors to help you achieve the look you want. You’ll want to select a color that best blends with the feel of your home and its surrounding property. Dirt type and water color should be taken into consideration when choosing a color as lighter colored panels may be stained by dark dirt, such as red clay, and muddy waters.

Shoreguard Color Styles

McCoy's Has What You Need

Choose the best marine timbers and accessories for your waterfront project at McCoy's From timbers and fasteners to cleats and piling caps--and marine varnishes, too--we've got in-stock and ship-to-store options that can help you make the most of your waterfront property.