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GBA18V80 Battery Pack, 18 V Battery, 8 Ah
Sku: 0342402-052303-32
$ 172.72
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Cordless Battery Packs 18 V: Bosch GBA18V80 18 V
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The Bosch CORE18 V performance battery is the next-gen Lithium-Ion battery that delivers 2X the power and run time of standard two-layer 4.0 Ah 18 V batteries with minimal increase in volume and weight. The GBA18V80 battery features advancements in design that reduce resistance and increase efficiency, to improve the performance-to-weight ratio of tools used on the jobsite all day. Engineered with 21,700 cell technology, the battery delivers power and performance for high-capacity tools. Bosch engineered the exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology to manage the heat of the higher power cells and it provides better cooling than the previous-generation CoolPack system. CoolPack 2.0 extends the life of the battery by 35%, lowering the cost of battery replacement.
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  • Cutting edge cell design engineered to improve performance in tools used on jobsite all day
  • Ideal balance of size to power weighs only 2.14 lb, but provides performance comparable to much heavier batteries
  • Designed for high-capacity power tools such as reciprocating saws, circular saws, grinders and rotary hammers that require high amounts of power for the most demanding applications
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