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McCoy’s Millwork: Doors for Your Entire Home

McCoy’s Door and Millwork facilities build residential doors for your entire home or your customer’s home, whether you need a replacement entry door to increase curb appeal, an updated interior door, or an entire door package for your build. Our skilled millwork staff carefully assembles each door unit so your installation will be fast and easy. And, to make the process seamless, your local McCoy’s team works closely with you and with the millwork facility to help you design and build the ideal door units for your project.

What Is Available at McCoy’s Millwork?


McCoy’s Millwork sources door slabs and parts from several vendor partners. We carefully select each vendor to ensure we have a consistent supply of high-quality materials such as weatherstripping, glass, trim, and door inserts so we can be confident the doors we create look great and last a long time.

Interior Doors

If you are remodeling a house, matching the existing interior doors in your home will help the remodel feel more cohesive. Another option is to update all your doors for a fresh look. We can match your current door profile, help you find a totally new style, or outfit your job with all the doors whether it be five or 20.

Interior door selections include flush or molded panel doors in a variety of profiles and styles. The profile of the door refers to the look of the door based on its features. For example, some doors have five raised panels spaced evenly from top to bottom, some have vertical lines, and others are flush (the door is completely flat).

Interior door units made at McCoy’s millwork are available in an assortment of species including luxurious solid woods like oak, maple, birch, and ash; standard solid-core made of wood veneer panels with a solid composite or engineered wood interior to provide strength and structure; and economical hollow-core doors made of wood fiber panels with cardboard inserts to provide structure and sound muffling. We offer a range of modern interior door types including passage doors, louver doors which help ventilate a room, sliding or bypass doors, bifold doors, elegant French doors, or space-saving pocket doors. If you’re not sure which type or style of door best suits your home, stop by, and ask our door experts!

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors can drastically enhance the curb appeal of your home. Each type offers unique benefits. Our exterior doors can be made from fiberglass, steel, and wood. Wood doors can be highly customized and are very popular for front doors. Fiberglass doors mimic wood but provide a little more durability and are easy to paint. Steel doors provide the greatest level of security but must be replaced if damaged.

If you want glass inserts on your exterior front door, McCoy’s offers a variety of glass styles for an elevated look. Add sidelights and transoms for upgraded beauty, value, and curb appeal to your modern front door. McCoy’s Millwork has access to many styles and colors of hinges, doorknobs, and hardware to match your décor, including brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and antique brass. The door experts at your local McCoy’s can walk you through the various options and help you decide which materials and features to add to your exterior door.


How Does McCoy’s Millwork Create Your Door?


It all starts at your local McCoy’s with our door experts. They will help you determine the right size and help you pick materials and styles. Your order will then be sent to millwork where doors are assembled on-site using state-of-the-art door assembly technology. Our facilities customize complete, pre-hung door units ready to be installed in new construction, remodels, and any other projects requiring residential-grade doors. Each crafted door unit meets or exceeds industry standards for energy and safety.

We start with the slab profile, then bore the door for the knob depending on if you need a right-handed or left-handed door. Our team can help you figure out which side you need the handle on. You can choose which, if any, doorknobs you want to be installed, as well as the color of the hardware.

After boring the door, we mortise it, or make cutouts, for the jamb and hinges to fit, and assemble the hardware and trim to create each door unit. You can even decide if you want it pre-hung in the jamb or if you want it as a slab with no accessories.

McCoy’s Makes Ordering Custom Doors Easy


Our door and millwork facilities in McAllen and New Braunfels, Texas, have the logistics capabilities to deliver precision-made doors to each of our markets in Texas and New Mexico. Contact your local McCoy’s store to discuss ordering your special order door or door package today!