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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Leadership Structure

The McCoy Family

McCoy’s Building Supply is one of the nation’s largest privately-held building supply retailers. Its parent company, McCoy Corporation, is owned by the McCoy family and headquartered in San Marcos, Texas. McCoy’s Building Supply is led by Board Chairman Brian McCoy and his daughter, CEO Meagan McCoy Jones. As the company enters its ninth decade, McCoy’s has defied the odds of American family-owned businesses because the family remains committed to each other, and passionate about serving McCoy’s team members and McCoy’s customers to improve their lives, their work, and their communities.

Frank McCoy

Founder of McCoy’s Roofing Company (retired 1950)

Emmett McCoy

Founder of McCoy’s Building Supply (retired 1997)

Dennis McCoy

Vice President of Operations (in memoriam)

Mike McCoy

Co-President (retired 2001)

Brian McCoy

Board Chairman (current)

Meagan McCoy Jones

President & CEO (current)

Reid McCoy

Vice Chairman (current)

Board of Directors

The McCoy’s Board provides financial, strategic, and cultural oversight to the company. The Board presents performance feedback to senior management and advises them on “big picture” topics, such as growth plans, ability to compete, development of human, financial, and physical resources, strategic relationships, and succession. McCoy’s Board members also analyze and forecast industry trends and decide what moves the company should make to ensure it is well-positioned for the future.

Brian McCoy

Board Chairman

Reid McCoy

Vice Chairman

Meagan McCoy Jones

Board Member

Wetonnah McCoy

Board Member

John N. Meeks

Board Member


Executive Team

McCoy’s Executive Team Members manage, influence, and direct the employees of McCoy’s to best serve McCoy’s customers. They oversee and fulfill the goals set forth by the Board of Directors and handle overall decision-making for the company with an eye towards maximizing productivity and deriving the most benefit from company resources. McCoy’s E-Team Members are appointed based on their motivational leadership, problem-solving abilities, extensive job experience, personal accountability, and passion for customer service and care. The E-Team also plays a big role in developing and exemplifying Corporate Culture.

Meagan McCoy Jones

President & CEO

Bane Phillippi

Senior Vice President / General Counsel

Joanne Corum

Senior Vice President / Chief Information Officer

Rick Neal

Senior Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Waylon Walker

Senior Vice President / Operations & Merchandising

James Lewallen

Vice President / Culture & Customer Experience

Joshua Whitley

Vice President / Controller

Ray Gabriel

Vice President / Information Systems

Ron Van Winkle

Vice President / Operations

Regional Management

Regional Managers are tasked with overseeing a dozen or more store locations within eight geographic regions carved out of the company’s five-state area of operation. McCoy’s Regional Managers lead and inspire Store Managers and our store teams to serve customers with enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. They have responsibility for their region’s operational goals and practices, budgets, and coordinating and collaborating with and reporting to senior management in the Executive Team. Regional Management team members have all served as McCoy’s Store Managers at one time in their careers. They are tenured, experienced and “home grown”.

Darien Swann

Region 1

Jeff Metzler

Region 2

Ronnie Byrd

Region 3

Matt Ramos

Region 4

Leroy Garza

Region 5

Kevin McKeown

Region 6

Corey Elmore

Region 7

Carlos O. Garcia

Region 8