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QO QO260CP Circuit Breaker, Mini, 60 A, 2 -Pole, 120/240 VAC, 48 VDC, Plug Mounting, Black
Sku: 18027504
$ 34.99
2 Available at SAN MARCOS
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The industry leader in circuit protection is easily recognized by the industry's only trip indicator. The red Visi-Trip™ Indicator makes it easy to spot a tripped circuit breaker. Compact 3/4 in wide format for one-pole circuit breakers helps minimize panel space and footprint. The Square D™ exclusive Qwik-Open™ protection is standard on all 15 A and 20 A circuit breakers trip reaction within 1/60th of a second. No other circuit breaker trips faster.
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  • Square D CAFI circuit breakers feature time saver diagnostics to help find circuit issues faster
  • UL-listed and now available in QO single-pole circuit breakers with 15 and 20 A ratings
  • Square D CAFI circuit breakers remember their last trip-ground fault, arc fault, overload and short circuit
  • QO plug-on neutral CAFI circuit breakers are designed for use in QO plug-on neutral load centers
Specifications Expand Icon Collapse Icon
Voltage Rating
120/240 VAC, 48 VDC
Current Rating
Mounting Type
Operating Temperature
1.5 in W x 2.91 in D x 3.12 in H
Wire Size
8 to 2
Number of Poles
Number of Phases
Actuator Type
Magnetic, Thermal
Interrupt Rating
5, 10
Operating Frequency
Number of Spaces