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McCoy Corporation Revolving Credit Application Guaranty

For and in consideration of any of the extensions of credit by MCCOY CORPORATION (“MCCOY’S”) to the Customer, and in order to induce MCCOY’S to enter into a Credit Agreement to extend credit to Customer, the Undersigned, jointly and severally, unconditionally guarantee to MCCOY’S the full, prompt payment and faithful performance and discharge by Customer of all obligations which Customer presently or hereafter may have to MCCOY’S whether arising by the sale of goods, the extension of credit, default in obligations or otherwise. The Undersigned shall reimburse MCCOY’S, on demand, for all expenses, including without limitation, attorney’s fees incurred by MCCOY’S in the enforcement or attempted enforcement of any of MCCOY’S rights hereunder against Customer or any of the Undersigned.

The Undersigned’s obligations hereunder are joint and several and independent of the obligations of Customer and a separate action may be maintained against the Undersigned, whether action is brought against Customer or whether Customer is joined in such action. The Undersigned waives any right to require MCCOY’S to proceed against Customer or to proceed against or exhaust any security and waives any rights of subrogation and any right to participate in any benefit of any security now or hereafter held by MCCOY’S. Notice of MCCOY’S’s acceptance hereof, of default and nonpayment by Customer or any other parties, of presentment, protest and demand, and of all other matters of which the Undersigned otherwise might be entitled, is hereby waived. MCCOY’S is not required to inform the Undersigned of any matters affecting the financial condition of Customer. MCCOY’S has no obligation to use diligence in preserving the liability of any person, including Customer, on any the indebtedness or any other liability, fixed or contingent, or in bringing suit to enforce collection of any of the indebtedness due under this guaranty.

This shall be a continuing and unlimited guaranty and indemnity, and irrespective of the lack of any notice to or lack of consent of the Undersigned, their obligations hereunder shall not be impaired in any manner whatsoever by any: new agreements or obligations of Customer with or to MCCOY’S; increase in credit limits by MCCOY’S to Customer; amendments, extensions, modifications, renewals or waivers of default as to any existing or future agreements or obligations of Customer, the Undersigned or other parties, or exchanges, releases or sales or any security of Customer, any of the Undersigned or other parties; incorrectness, invalidity or unenforceability, for any reason, of any instrument or writing, or actions of commission or omission by MCCOY’S or Customer; extensions, moratoria or other relief granted to Customer pursuant to any statute, whether State or Federal, presently in force or hereinafter enacted; or interruptions in the business relations between MCCOY’S and Customer.

The obligations hereunder of each of the Undersigned shall be binding upon their respective heirs and personal representatives. Failure of any person to sign this guaranty and indemnity shall not affect the liability of any signor thereof. The death or release from liability of any of the Undersigned shall not relieve the others from liability.

This guaranty and indemnity is assignable by MCCOY’S and shall be construed liberally in MCCOY’S’s favor and shall inure to the benefit of MCCOY’S, its successors and assigns. Legal rights and obligations hereunder shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and the Undersigned agrees that all payments due or to become due under this guaranty are payable to McCoy Corporation at its offices in Hays County, Texas. The Undersigned consents and submits to jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Texas for the enforcement of this agreement. The Undersigned agrees that exclusive and mandatory venue for any lawsuit filed to collect payment pursuant to this agreement, shall be in Hays County, Texas. The Undersigned hereby irrevocably waives any objection, including, without limitation, any objection to venue based on forum non conveniens, which they have now or hereafter may have, to the bringing of such action or proceeding in Hays County.