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Build a Better Barn or Shed with Corrugated Metal Build a Better Barn or Shed with Corrugated Metal

Build a Better Barn or Shed with Corrugated Metal

Safety and health for your pets or livestock in whatever animal shed or barn you have are important. Corrugated metal siding and roofing provides protection for your animals with its durability and longevity. Find out more about what makes corrugated metal a great choice for your barn or shed.

What is Corrugated Metal and Why Do We Use It?


Corrugated metal is a metal sheet that is roll formed into a metal panel. The metal is processed in its hardened form at a high speed with minimal labor. These panels are easily installed with fasteners as siding or roofing. Corrugated metal not only adds rustic charm to a rolling, green pasture, but also durability and protection for your animals.

Types and Sizes

There are a few different types of corrugated metal roofing and siding to choose from and many sizes that will fit any animal shed or barn. Corrugated metal comes in steel and Galvalume, a coated metal to help control rust.

It’s worth mentioning that standing seam roofs are not the same thing as corrugated metal roofs. While they are both metal, the standing seam metal roofing is made of vertical panels that have dual seams to connect every panel. Standing seam roofing requires a standing seam clamp and is a bit more costly. In contrast, corrugated metal roofs have an exposed fastener system, as they are installed with a screw through the exposed top of the panels. Corrugated metal roofing will require some maintenance over the years to ensure the screws remain snug, as weather can cause expansion and contraction.

The sizes of corrugated metal panels cover a wide range, so rest assured no barn is too big to reinforce with metal roofing and siding. McCoy's carries panels that range from 8’- 20’ feet long. As far as weight, we have 29 and 30-gauge thick steel panels (gauge refers to the panel’s thickness).

Longevity and Durability

  • What are the benefits of corrugated metal?
    It is not prone to corrosion, has a non-combustible property, and can endure extreme weather conditions.
  • How long can you expect corrugated metal to last?
    You will have this roofing and siding for a very long time. Galvalume is especially resistant to rust but is a bit pricier.
  • What about rust?
    Some corrosion is normal for corrugated metal. Galvalume, or galvanized steel, is coated with a layer of zinc oxide to make it corrosion resistant. To extend the life of your corrugated metal, make sure it is installed properly to allow it to expand and contract evenly during the changes in the weather.
  • Are there any other uses of corrugated metal?
    Corrugated metal can be used in a variety of applications including wainscoting on a wall or as an entire wall accent and even privacy fencing.

Tips When Using Corrugated Metal


When installing corrugated metal roofing, remember to overlap it by about six inches and be sure to account for that when purchasing materials. The minimum pitch for a metal roof is 3:12 which means the roof should rise three inches for every 12 inches of the horizontal foot.

For siding, remember to overlap the corrugated metal with the back one. Also, remember to conduct regular inspections as the fasteners are exposed.

McCoy’s has all the corrugated metal panels, fasteners, and any underlayment that you need to make your barns or sheds beautiful and durable! Come see us, and let our experts help you plan your project. Your animals will thank you!