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7 Home Window Upgrades for Old Windows 7 Home Window Upgrades for Old Windows

7 Home Window Upgrades for Old Windows

Installing new or replacement windows can be an expensive project, not to mention the headaches that come with the current supply chain problems. Fortunately, you can upgrade your home windows on a budget to spruce up the interior and exterior of your home. Follow these wallet-friendly improvement tips to get added curb appeal and new life into old windows.

Inspect What You Have


Wear and tear and weather can take a toll on your windows and your utility bill. First thing, inspect all your windows and decide what needs to be upgraded. Look closely inside and out at the glass, the seals, and locks as well as look for any mildew or rot. Open, close, and lock your windows to test how they work. Is there something loose or broken? Take note of all the items that need to be fixed and follow our guide below.

Top Upgrades to Old Windows


Here are 7 easy home window improvements for your existing windows:

  1. Caulk and Weatherstripping: Leaky windows? Properly insulated windows can make a big difference in energy efficiency and energy savings. If your windows leak cold or hot air or even rainwater, see if they need new weatherstripping or caulk. This is a quick way to help seal your windows from the elements to decrease energy costs. Be sure to remove any old weatherstripping or caulking before applying new layers. If you are adding new caulk, you will need different types that are rated for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Window Film: Have a warm room? Windows can cause heat conduction through their glass and make a room hotter, and in the McCoy’s states, we don’t need more of that! If you have windows that face west, adding film insulation will help reflect heat. This is a cheaper way to get the insulation effects of an argon gas or krypton gas double-glazed window. The film comes in sheets that are adhered to the window trim by heat from a blow-dryer. While this is an insulation film applied around the trim, there is also a Low-E film that will adhere directly to the glass pane to reflect heat and damaging UV rays.
  1. Drip Caps: Have water seeping in? Along with replacing weatherstripping or caulking, installing or replacing window drip caps will allow for water to flow away from your window. Drip caps are usually installed into the siding above the window, so while this is a more involved project, this will help keep your windows from developing mold over time, stop puddles from pooling on your window seal, and keep water out of double pane windows. While you may be tempted to just use caulk here, drip caps are longer-lasting and create a better seal above your window.
  2. Repainting Trim: Peeling paint? A fresh coat of paint can spruce up just about anything. For windows, it is important to pick the right type of paint to work best with the material of your trim. Typical window trim materials include MDF, metal, vinyl, or wood. A glossy finish is best to help prevent dirt from sticking. Pick a mild day when painting outdoors. If you’re doing all the windows, plan your work so you can stay in the shade as the sun moves.
  3. Window Planter Box: Need something extra? If your windows need some extra sprucing up, adding a window planter box will help you do just that. This window planter box is an easy weekend DIY project that will give you space to add your favorite flower or an herb garden for some color. Using pressure treated lumber for this project will help keep your window planter box looking beautiful for years to come.
  4. Replace or Add Window Locks: Broken locks? Having properly working window locks adds safety and security to your home. They help keep your home safe against burglars and keep children safe from open windows. This is especially important for second-story windows. There are many different types of locks to choose from depending on your preference and needs like sash locks, bolts, or keyed locks.
  5. Replace or Add Window Screen: Missing window screens? Window screens let breezes in while keeping bugs out. If your window screens are torn, it is definitely time for replacement or repair. If you don’t have any screens, you might consider adding them as window screens also offer a barrier against dirt, a stray baseball, water, or even some sun damage. If you aren’t sold on window screens yet, they also come in different materials to choose from like fiberglass and aluminum, and some have a protective coating to prevent rust.

Quick tip: Give your windows a good cleaning after adding any upgrades. This means cleaning the glass inside and out and even getting into the nooks and crannies with a toothbrush for a deep clean. This will give your upgrades a sparkly clean finish.

McCoy's Has All You Need for an Upgrade


If you aren’t ready to invest in new or replacement windows, you have options to tidy up your old windows through repairs such as adding new caulking or cosmetic upgrades like painting the trim. However, if you decide to replace your windows later on, we can help with that, too! Stop by in-store or online today!