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Door Locks: Pick the Right Protection for Your Home Door Locks: Pick the Right Protection for Your Home

Door Locks: Pick the Right Protection for Your Home

Typically, after we lock a door, we don’t think about it again until it’s time to unlock it. After all, locks are supposed to provide us with security, protection, and privacy. At McCoy’s, we want to help you find the perfect lock for your home, one that suits your budget, your style, and your security needs. We believe you should depend on that lock, like you depend on us. We want you to have that security with every lock from the front door to your tool shed.

Locking Your Doors


When deciding on a door lock, you must first consider the function of the door. What is on the other side of the lock? For example, if you need a lock for a front door, you will want that lock to provide more security than a closet or bedroom door lock. You should also consider who will be using the door and if the lock will be easy for them to handle.

After determining the function of your doors, assess your security needs. Discuss your needs with your family or the people you live with. Are there enough eyes on your home during the day or will you need another lock? Where do you hide your valuables? Does that area need to be more secure? Also evaluate the exterior of your home. Is there enough street visibility on your front door or is your hedge partially blocking your neighbor from checking on your home while you’re away? Keep in mind your security needs and take stock of where you could benefit from added measures.

Note: When looking for a lock for your back door, you should treat it with the same sense of security as your front door as it tends to be less visible from the street and more inviting to intruders.

Understanding Door Lock Quality


Understanding the quality of a lock will help you better understand what type of lock is best for your home. Locks are rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) security grade scale that measures the level of protection and longevity of the lock. The scale is based on resistance to strikes or hits to a lock.

  • Grade one is the most secure. A grade one deadbolt lock can withstand the force of 1,350 pounds hitting the lock 10 times. A grade one standard doorknob lock can withstand six blows at 360 pounds. Grade one is typically more expensive because it is the most effective lock and used for residential and commercial purposes.
  • Grade two is the most commonly used grade in residential homes, providing adequate security at a reasonable cost. Grade two deadbolt locks can withstand five strikes towards the lock from up to 1,125 pounds. A grade two doorknob lock can withstand four strikes at 250 pounds.
  • Grade three will be serviceable yet the longevity and security is likely less than grades one and two. Grade three deadbolt locks can withstand two strikes towards the lock at 675 pounds. A grade three doorknob lock can withstand two strikes at 150 pounds. Keep in mind while grade three is the lowest on the ANSI security grade lock scale, it provides more security than a lock that hasn’t been graded.

Different Types of Front Door Locks


You have a few different options when it comes to your front door locks. Locks can either be located on the doorknob or handle itself and/or separately housed from the handle. They can come with keys to open a lock, keyless if they are electronic with a keypad, or "smart" that can be unlocked from your device. Some fancy ones can even use your fingerprint!

The single cylinder lock is one of the most commonly used locks and only requires a key for one side of the door. This lock is known for its easy installation process. When using this type, add extra security to the door by attaching a deadbolt or security strike plate.

Double cylinder locks can be locked from both sides of the door. This provides a double string of protection as opposed to a single cylinder lock. These locks can be used with a key on both sides or have a level, toggle, or push lock on the handle inside of the room. Adding extra security to this type of lock is also recommended for a front door.

Note: Both cylinder locks have pins inside that move the lock into place when a key is inserted and turned.

A deadbolt lock provides extra security for an existing lock. It is a separate piece of lock hardware installed on the door. Deadbolts can either be double or single cylinder. There are also barrel bolts and chain bolts that are keyless. These are mounted on the interior of your door for an extra layer of security.

A clasp lock can be used as extra security on your door. These locks are keyless and installed on the interior side of your door. These locks latch when the clasp is connected to the bolt.

A mortise lock is one of the most secure locks. While typically used in commercial settings they can be used in your home. However, be aware that this lock is only as secure as the material it is installed into as its hardware is set deep within the door. It is best for a heavy wooden or metal door. This lock is more expensive than its counterparts although it provides maximum security.

Locks for Other Areas of Your Home


Interior Doors Within Your Home
When choosing locks for the interior doors in your home, like when choosing any lock, always consider the function of the door. For example, unlike the front door, a bathroom, bedroom, or closet door typically does not need as much security. Therefore, a single doorknob lock is recommended for interior doors in your home. Doorknob locks are easy to install and easy to unlock in case of emergency.

Tool Sheds
Need to lock up items like in a tool shed, but don't want to go to the trouble of installing a lock? Consider a padlock. These locks can be moved and are used with a key or a combination code. Padlocks can also be used with some types of clasp locks.

Sliding Doors
Another door that may need extra security in your home is the sliding patio door. These doors can be used with common front door locks. They can also have extra security foot bolts that are highly effective and easy to install.

Securing Your Home Today


McCoy’s is here to help provide your home with the best security. From your front door to the bathroom, we have the locks you need for every door in your home. No matter what your budget may be, we have everything from security strike plates, security lighting to help keep your home out of the dark, and custom house keys and duplicates made in store. Stop by a McCoy’s near you to find out how you can better protect your home!