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Outdoor Hardware: Gates, Pergolas, and More

Before spending thousands on a new deck or extensive landscaping, consider giving your backyard a new look with some new outdoor hardware. Just like changing the knobs on your cabinets can give your kitchen a quick update, new hardware can make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t just grab any hardware, check out this buying guide.

Gate and Fence Hardware Needs


Basic Gate Hardware

  • Latches come in a variety of types depending on your preferences and will keep your gate closed and secure. Some types include automatic, slide bolt, and gravity types.
  • Hinges include spring door, inset, t-hinge, and strap. Some hinges include offset screw holes for extra support to keep from wood splitting. 
  • Handles or pullsas they are commonly called, come in a variety of shapes and material types. Here is where you can really choose the style of your choice. Pulls, however, may not come with locks and a latch may need to be purchased separately.
  • Cane Bolts are latches that are like a slide bolt but provide additional security with their long bolts or rods. Cane bolts are usually attached vertically but can be used horizontally. The long rod can even be inserted into the ground when locked. 

When you are considering replacing your hardware, don’t just grab the first one you see. The design and materials of the hardware you select can add unique design elements to your backyard.

Material Types

  • Hot-rolled or carbon steel is for longevity and durability. Most outdoor hardware is rated to withstand the elements. A zinc plating adds galvanization for extra corrosion resistance.
  • Black finish or powder coated hardware, typically called ornamental, will add a sleek look to your backyard. These are also galvanized.
  • DIY options that can also be “green” include latches made from leather, wood, and rope for a unique look.

Pergola Hardware Needs


Pergolas and even arbors are a great addition to any backyard for a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, or any other DIY space. Their typically black, ornamental and galvanized hardware not only adds a decorative touch but keeps them sturdy. The specialized hardware also makes the project move along fast by minimizing or eliminating special cuts. They include:

  • Heavy Angles and Beam to Ties connect beams, rafters, and other main sections of lumber together. Their angles secure connections for straight and consistent corners to ensure a correct build.
  • Gable Plates add a decorative element to the top of your structure and come in three different sizes or “pitches”. They also add extra strength and reinforcement by creating a connection from wood beams to braces.
  • Decorative Side Plates are added to the post base to give a completed look and finish.
  • Post Bases are added to the bottom of the post beams to provide stability and to help protect against rot. Some are black powder coated to ensure a cohesive look for your build. 
  • Decorative Accents such as shaped, black powder coated washers add extra design elements to your creation around hardware that may not be decorative like screws (which can be powder-coated, too!) and some are just fun

3 Top Tips When Choosing Hardware


  1. Choose hardware that is rust-and-fade-resistant to keep your backyard looking in tip-top shape. Most outdoor hardware is galvanized, but if you chose a DIY option be sure it can withstand the elements.
  2. If using pressure-treated lumber, make sure your metal hardware is rated to avoid accelerated corrosion from chemicals. Many fence posts are pressure-treated to help preserve the wood, but can corrode some hardware including nuts, bolts, and screws.
  3. If you have a gate, always consider adding a lock for safety. This is even required by law in some cases, such as a fence surrounding a swimming pool.

Outdoor Hardware at McCoy's


If you’re ready to give your backyard an upgrade, adding decorative hardware puts you one step closer to your dream backyard. Need some inspiration? Check out all you need to know for a wooden pergola or adding a picket fence. With many styles and options to choose from, McCoy’s is your backyard destination. Shop in-store or online today.