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T-Posts: Field Fencing Made Easy

T-post fencing is a practical option for your property to keep your fields, animals, and even garden safe. This fencing is an easy solution for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners as it is quick to install and cost-efficient.

T-Posts are simple metal posts that have an anchor plate to keep the post secured under the ground. They are typically green in color with a reflective top with evenly spaced studs down the length to secure your wire. These posts range in height from 5-10 feet depending on your needs. Post placement is usually 6-8 feet apart with wood or reinforced corner posts to ensure wire tension is maintained. Installation only requires a post driver as the weight of the tool pushes the anchor plate into the ground without the need to measure height.

Types of Fencing Wire


There are many choices when it comes to wire to use with your T-posts. There are several factors to consider such as the type of livestock you may be containing, the predators you need to keep out, if it’s simply a boundary, or if it’s surrounding a garden, for example.

Fencing Wire

Fencing Wire

  • Smooth Wire is just as it sounds, it is stretched around the posts to denote boundary lines. This wire is a lightweight aluminum with a breaking load limit of 90lbs in a 14-gauge spool. This type of fencing does not provide strong defense against predators but will be sturdy enough for simple boundary or garden fence.
  • Barbed Wire adds an extra measure of security with barbs or sharp points along the wire. This spooled wire is available with 2- or 4-point barbs. Depending on how you hang the fencing, you can keep animals in, out, or away. These wires are generally more expensive and more difficult to work with, but provide added security.
  • Electric fencing adds a charge of electric current through the wire as a deterrent to touching the fence. This is a great fencing option to keep cattle in and predators out. This type of wire requires an external energy source and additional materials.
  • Horse fence is special fencing wire for horses. This type of fence has a horse-safe knot with a fence that provides even more durability and protection.
  • Hog fence is high-tensile strength paneling that provides protection up to 1,450 lbs. This is specifically designed to keep strong hogs from wallowing holes in your fence. This can be installed over a barbed wire fence for added protection.
  • Cattle Panels are another option for high-tensile fencing stronger than typical bull wire with the top and bottom wires at a breaking strength of 1,500 to 1,600 lbs.
  • Poultry netting is galvanized wire in a mesh shape specifically designed for chickens, pet pens, or gardens. This type of wire is thin making it easy to cut and comes in various sizes.
  • Orange safety mesh can be added to t-post fencing as a safety or warning barrier, temporary construction, and can also be used as crowd control.

What Tools You’ll Need


After you have decided on the type of wire you will use, you will need some additional materials. McCoy's has everything you need to get the job done.



Fencing Wire

  • The T-post Driver allows you to set your posts. Place the driver over the post then push it up and down holding the side handles to drive the post into the ground.
  • Come-along or “tensioner” stretches and pulls fence wire to ensure it is tight.
  • Crimping tool makes it easy to connect fencing wire. Most of these tools also include a wire cutter.
  • A drill chuck is a power tool that tightly secures fence clips around the post and wire. A tie wrench is a hand tool that can also be used to quickly secure clips.
  • Measuring tape or other forms of measurement helps set the correct spacing between posts.
  • Leather gloves can help you avoid cuts and scrapes, especially if you’re working with barbed wire.
  • Remover or “t-post puller” for removal of the posts if they need to be adjusted or if the fence needs to be taken down. These are levers with a hook that attaches to the post.
  • Each t-posts comes with clips included to secure fencing wire to the posts by using a drill chuck. Additional clips can be purchased.



There are several other useful accessories for installing your fence.

  • T-post caps are called safety caps for a good reason as they cover the sharp edges of the top of the t-post to prevent injury.
  • A corner post or corner brace is a sturdy post added to the fence corners to provide stability for this type of fence. Wood can be used for a more cost-efficient option while steel provides a heavy-duty solution.
  • Gate hardware will likely be necessary if you plan on installing a gate for added security or an easy entrance into an enclosed area.

Electric Fencing


Choosing an electric fence is a great option to deter animals from getting inside or escaping your fenced area. This option provides more protection as the entire length of the wire includes a deterrent with an electric current. You can choose to add an electric wire to your current fence or only include electric wire in your new fence. When opting for an electric fence, you will need some additional accessories:

  • Electric fence posts provide a quick option for a temporary fence for horses or smaller livestock as they are easier to put into the ground.
  • Low voltage alert or any other voltage tester that can alert you if the fence has low voltage or a loss of power.
  • Cut out switch is beneficial as it cuts the power to a certain section of fence where you don’t want current to flow. This is helpful if you need to perform maintenance on sections of an electric fence.
  • T-post gate anchor Insulators for gates stop the electric current so the gate can be used safely.
  • T-post Extender Insulators protect your existing fence from electric current and holds the new electric wire away from the metal posts.
  • AC/DC or AC energizers add the electric current to your fence.
  • Politape is an option for electric wire to provide greater visibility for livestock.

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