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DIY Deer Blind: What to Consider

If you long for the taste of homemade venison jerky, the smell of fresh-cut wood, and hanging out in a deer blind all day, we have just the project for you! McCoy’s can supply all you need to build a DIY deer blind. It will satisfy those of you who are “born to build” and love to hunt!

Building a deer blind yourself allows you to make it exactly how you want it and can even save you some money. Whether you are a master builder or a first-timer, McCoy’s is here to help you with your customized DIY deer blind.

Planning Your DIY Deer Blind


There are many options to choose from when planning what type of deer blind you will build. If you are an experienced builder, you can “wing it,” or, if you need some guidance, you can use one of the many free plans available for download from the internet.

You can build a simple, ground-level deer blind or a more elaborate deer blind that is accessible with a ladder. Your deer blind can be a basic, free-standing enclosure made from salvaged wooden pallets or a weather-proofed and insulated shed complete with deer-blind windows and a door.

Size and location are factors to consider as well during the planning phase. You can build a smaller deer blind that is common for one person, or you can build a larger version that can hold more hunters. Depending on the location you choose, you may need to put some time into clearing the land of brush and any debris before you start building to ensure the ground is level and cleared. Remember to make sure that your deer blind will fit in the space you would like and that all your supplies will fit inside too. A 6x6 blind is the most common for individual hunters.

You will also want to plan the type and number of windows for your deer blind and the type of roofing you will need. At least one window facing the feeding area or trail is a great idea, or you can put windows on every wall of your deer blind. You may also want a door, instead of a simple opening.

Deer Blind Materials


Once you have planned how you will build your deer blind, rest assured McCoy’s has all the materials you will need for your DIY deer blind project - however you decide to build it. We have all the tools and fasteners you will need and more if you run out! We also have the heavy-duty tools such as a miter saw and drill machinery along with screwdrivers. Remember to pick up plenty of galvanized screws, sandpaper (or an electric sander), and putty to fill in the screw holes.

To build a sturdy, weather-resistant deer blind we recommend using pressure treated dimensional lumber. Southern Pine is a cost-effective option to build the frame and rafters for your deer blind. Plywood is a convenient option for the floor and exterior walls of your deer blind. We also have insulation, which is nice for those colder days. You will have to install a second layer of plywood for the interior if you install insulation.

McCoy’s has many ready-to-install deer blind windows and doors that make construction much easier. We also have corrugated metal roofing that provides a sturdy, weather-resistant roof for your structure if you don’t mind the rain being a little loud when you’re inside.

Don’t forget your safety gloves and glasses, hammer, tape measure, level, and a framing square. You don’t want a crooked deer blind that could fall on you while you’re trying to take that perfect shot!

Finally, you’ll need to protect your deer blind with an exterior finishing spray paint. We have lots of options for this including our camo spray paint!

Tips for Your DIY Deer Blind


We have a few extra tips for you to remember as you embark on your project. First set aside enough time to complete your deer blind. Unless you’re going for a deluxe model, you can likely build yourself a deer blind in a single weekend. If you get stuck, come see us at McCoy’s and we will be happy to offer expert advice!

To ensure your build will last, be sure to use ground-contact 2x4 dimensional lumber for any part of your structure that will touch the ground. This includes the floor joists if you’re including a floor, or the base of the walls if your structure will be a simple frame directly on the ground.

Also, be sure to use galvanized screws and fasteners. Remember to drill pilot holes so your boards don’t split. It’s also a good idea to sand the ends and edges of all the boards you cut, so you will have a snug fit for your blind. We also recommend you fill the holes with putty once you’re done building to lessen the likelihood of rainwater settling in screw holes. You can then apply your exterior paint.

Other Ways McCoy’s Can Help


McCoy’s can also help provide you with deer feeders and deer corn to get those deer where you want them! We also have other hunting supplies such as hunting knives, and camo gear.

McCoy’s has what you need for your DIY deer blind project. Happy building and even happier hunting to all our “hunter-builders” out there. Be safe and come see us soon at McCoy’s. We are here to help you get started on your DIY deer blind project!