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10 Tips to Protect Your Animals from Pests and Predators

Working your own ranch or land is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle and one that requires a lot of rewarding hard work. Don’t add to your work by letting pests and predators invade your land. Here at McCoy’s, we know how important land and livestock are, and we want to help you keep everything protected. Even if you haven’t spotted any pests or predators, the best way to not invite them in is by taking all the preventative steps to keep your property, crops, and livestock safe.

Know Your Land


If you are not already, becoming familiar with your area is imperative. Follow these simple daily tasks to ensure no critters are messin’ around on your land.

  • Check on your sheds, barns, storage spaces, and or any space where you keep your feed and supplies at least two to three times a day if not more. This can be when you feed or when you put up your animals at night.
  • Check for any holes, chew marks, or feces as this could be an indication of critters or vermin present. These can be on wood, bags, and collars or leads.
  • While nature does have a way of doing its job, you will need to regularly clean and remove any dead carcasses you come across to not invite pests or predators.

Becoming familiar with your climate is also important because it can tell you what kind of animals you may run into. For instance, if you live in a more humid and hot area like Corpus Christi, TX, as opposed to an area with longer winters like Okmulgee, OK you might have a bigger problem with insects than small animals. Bring yourself peace of mind by staying aware of the weather and doing regular upkeep around your ranch to control farm pests and predators.

Pest and Predator Control on the Ranch


Remember that animals are just like us. To survive we need three main components: water, food, and shelter. By eliminating one or more of these components, you have a better chance of not having a pest infestation. Here are a few simple farm pest control preventative measures you can use:

  • Keep all feed, hay, and supplies in a well-lit, clean, and dry space to keep pests like rats, mice, or even deer out of your barn or shed. (Tip: Using LED or incandescent lighting rather than fluorescent is best to keep away insects).
  • Secure your animal feed in a tight, sealed container.
  • Use noise repellent against small pests.
  • Putting a fence around your property is one of the most effective ways of keeping pests out and control predators from coming in.
  • Eliminate any water sources in your barn or shed like leaky troughs or pipes. Be sure the ground stays dry.
  • Keep foxes, wild dogs, raccoons, and more out with granule repellent.
  • Protect your livestock from even the smallest of predators like ticks, by using predator control repellent treatment to reduce disease. Be sure to read the directions and use a treatment that is specific to your livestock.
  • Prevent predator attacks by keeping livestock in a corral. At McCoy’s we even have portable corrals for operations large or small.
  • Place hawk or owl decoys on your fence to scare away predators from your property.
  • Putting a guardian animal like a llama, dog, or donkey with your livestock can help keep wild hogs, coyotes, and other predators away.

Note: If you are unaware or unsure if it is illegal to kill a wild animal (that is not a game animal), please contact your local animal control right away! Do not kill or harm an animal that is endangered or protected by law.

Keep Pests Out of Your Crops and Field


Have a problem with pesky farm pests destroying your garden or soil? Control farm pests that are causing damage and destroying your garden or soil with these tips:

  • Planting herbs like lavender, sage, basil, garlic, and peppermint helps to deter pests in your garden or field.
  • Replace lightweight mulch with heavy mulch. Smaller animals will have a harder time picking up heavy mulch making them less likely to build nests.
  • Use pest repellent to keep crops and landscape safe. (Note: Use only for animals as directed on repellent product)
  • Keep grass properly trimmed to avoid snakes from hiding in tall grass areas or hop over to your neighborhood McCoy’s and pick up a snake repellent!

Protect Your Ranch


Let us help you with all your farm predator and pest control needs, so you focus on the work you love. From repellents and non-lethal predator control traps to sealed feed containers, stop by your local McCoy’s or shop online today to get all you need to keep you and your farm safe and sound.