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1 x 4 x 6, Import Cedar, No. 2, Green, Rough Sawn Dog-Ear

Sku: 01156554
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Import Cedar, Green, No. 2 grade lumber. Often described as a 6 ft, 1 x 4 (nominal sizing), this product typically measures between 5/8 to 3/4 in thick by 3-1/2 in wide. Appearance notes: Rough Sawn Dog-Ear.

  • Import Cedar is native to China, Taiwan, and northern Vietnam; similar properties as Wester Red Cedar; termite & decay resistant; beautiful grain pattern, well-spaced knots; weather to a soft dove gray; dimensions may vary
  • No. 2 grade lumber is used in all general construction; this grade is designed for the many uses where higher strength properties are not needed and where serviceability is important; few defects are permitted and knots of any quality are allowed as long as they are well spaced and do not exceed size regulations
  • Surfaced green – moisture content in excess of 19%
  • The surface is rough sawn and the corners of the board have been cut at one end to create a common look of traditional style of fence

Actual Length
Actual Thickness
Actual Width
Nominal Measurement
1 x 4
Nominal Thickness
Nominal Width
Nominal Length
Import Cedar
No. 2
Rough Sawn Dog-Ear