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Closed Sundays

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Closed Sundays

It's About Respect


We spend Sundays building family values at McCoy’s Building Supply. Even in today's fiercely competitive market, McCoy's adheres to a long-standing decision to remain closed on Sundays. Our employees appreciate being part of a company that allows them dependable time each week to spend time with family, attend worship services, or tackle their own building projects around the house. Additionally, you'll find our employees celebrating with their families on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

An important tenet of our leadership development is the understanding that every person’s home life is important. This simple expression of respect for the personal lives of our employees is repaid many times over in loyalty. We have found that many customers shop with us precisely because we are closed on Sundays. However, we also understand our customers' need for flexibility. That's why our online store is always open. You can place orders on our website any time you like and pick up during our normal business hours Monday through Saturday.