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How to Navigate Our Lumberyard

Here at McCoy’s, we pride ourselves on our full-service lumberyards. Each yard is stocked with a wide variety of top-grade lumber to serve not only professional builders, but weekend DIYers too. We know our customer needs vary based on where they live and the type of projects they do, so our job is to provide you with the materials you need. With all our selections and old-fashioned service, we understand that first-timers may need some guidance on how to navigate our lumberyard.

A Full-Service Lumberyard


Being a “full-service” lumberyard means we are here to assist you in every step of your purchase journey with us. We'll help you find what you need to complete your project. We can help you pick each board yourself or let us fulfill your order for you. After you have purchased your materials, it is as simple as pulling into the yard and letting us load it for you. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle if you don’t want to. 

What to Expect at Our Lumberyard


  1. You can purchase your lumber either in store or easily online depending on what is most convenient for you.
  2. After checkout in store, you will be given a white receipt and a yellow yard ticket. If you purchase online, you will be emailed a QR code and will be notified when your order is ready for pickup.
  3. When it’s pickup time, you will drive into the area of your store marked lumberyard. Your arrival will be immediately announced to our yard employees by a bell or other alarm.
  4. You will be greeted by a McCoy’s employee at the stop sign and they will ask for either your yellow yard ticket or your QR code.
  5. A yard employee will verify your order and will direct you to the location in the yard where you will be loaded.
  6. Our yard employees will efficiently load your order, so you can get on with your project!
  7. If your order is too big to fit in your vehicle, we have a fleet of delivery trucks to bring your order to your home or jobsite for a small fee.

Old-Fashioned Lumberyard


Our lumberyards are designed with you in mind. They are organized by species of wood and by their sizes. Except for our lumber “buffet” inside the store for easy grab and go (and that incredible wood smell!), we keep wood outside where it belongs: outside, in a covered area. Keeping the wood covered protects it from harsh weather while ensuring it can breathe so it doesn't warp later during a project. We have more than just 2x4s in our yard, we have a wide selection of building materials for your next project.

Wide Variety of Top-Grade Lumber


  • Our decking selection has everything you need to upgrade your backyard like our treated pine boards.
  • We have boards for all your outdoor and DIY projects. We carry not only the "typical" materials, but more unique options to fit a wide variety of needs such as 2x12-22’ above ground contact treated pine. This board is even pressure treated with a micronized copper preservative that will protect against decay.
  • Stakes for your decking and gardening needs like these stakes.
  • Shims for crafts, under coursing for sidewalls, and starter shingles and shims for plumbing and leveling doors during installation.
  • Hardwoods including red oak, poplar, and knotty alder.
  • Special ordered engineered options for construction projects including Glulam, LVL beams, and BCI joists.
  • Dimensions and Studs for your building needs like southern pine, treated pine, borate southern pine, rough cedar, spruce-pine-fir, and green Douglas fir in an abundance of sizes.
  • Steel Framing for steel studs and tracks.
  • Posts, Beams, and Timbers for building a home or any big construction project.

We Can't Wait to See You!


Our full-service lumberyard makes it easy to pick up what you need. Whether you purchase online or in-store, we offer a wide variety of products to choose from to help you complete your project. Once you are at the store, we are there to load you up so you can get on with your day. Come and experience our old-fashioned lumberyard and let us do the heavy lifting!