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Stay-Tuff Fencing at McCoy's Building Supply Stay-Tuff Fencing at McCoy's Building Supply

Stay-Tuff® Fencing Products: As Tough as It Comes

Stay-Tuff manufactures some of the toughest fence around with its cutting edge “fixed-knot” fencing for cattle, deer, horses and hogs. Stay-Tuff fencing combines advanced technology with high quality materials to make a fence that provides exceptional strength and is durable even in rough and tumble conditions. The fixed knot gets part of its strength from the single vertical stay featured in its fencing, instead of multiple short stays. This fence also features crimps in its wires so the fence can stretch and bounce back without losing strength or being damaged. Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot fencing features a 20-year warranty, lasts 3 times longer than a traditional hinged joint or barbed wire fence, and will remain tighter without losing its shape.

McCoy’s also carries a variety of Stay-Tuff fencing accessories from t-clips and stretcher bars to crimp tools and barbed fence staples so you can purchase all your fencing supplies at one convenient location. 

Stay-Tuff Cattle-Tuff Fencing
Stay-Tuff Horse-Tuff Fencing
Stay-Tuff Sheep & Goat Fencing

If you don’t see the Priefert equipment you’re looking for, contact McCoy’s Farm and Ranch Specialist, Cliff Mulanax, who can help you with custom quotes and questions about the best equipment for your farming and ranching needs.